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RE Assistant


Windermere Valley/Liberty Lake

Compensation:  $30,000-$48,000/year

My name is Rich King and I’m with Windermere Real Estate here in Spokane.  I am a 20-year high-performing sales veteran who began my real estate career in March 2017. My performance has placed me among the top 3% of over 2,000 Realtors in the Spokane region.  My business is growing so rapidly that I must transition from an individual producer to a high-performing team of producers to effectively manage that growth. The centerpiece of that team is a high-performing Licensed Real Estate Assistant.

Who I’m Looking For:  Perhaps your greatest strengths are in organizing, prioritizing, and paying almost obsessive attention to detail.  You are confident, a good listener and communicator, hard-working, professional, driven, self-directed, respectful, and an excellent team player.  You take great pride in the quality of your work. You find security in a predictable salary, but you get energized by the extra compensation that comes from bonuses based on personal performance and the performance of a team.  You’re also tech savvy and have great marketing ideas—both traditional and online. You love the real estate business but you prefer a support role that best plays to your strengths.

Job Description:  As a Licensed Real Estate Assistant you play a key role in high productivity and revenue generation for the team.  Some key tasks which we can explore in detail during an interview:

  • Listing Coordination
  • Transaction Coordination
  • Closing Coordination
  • Marketing Management & Execution
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Follow-up & Conversion
  • Business Tracking
  • Personnel Management

Essential Skills:  To effectively perform these tasks you must have—or be capable of quickly learning—the following:

  • Organizational skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Contact Management (e.g., Outlook, Gmail, Mailchimp) skills
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (e.g., Contactually) skills
  • Financial Management (e.g., Excel) skills
  • Transaction Management (e.g., Skyslope, Transaction Desk) skills
  • Listing Management (e.g., Paragon) skills
  • Video Management (e.g., BombBomb, YouTube) skills
  • Website Management (e.g., WordPress) skills
  • Social Media (e.g., Facebook, Google+, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.) skills
  • Online Listing Management (e.g., Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com, etc.) skills

Next Step

If the above seems to describe you and your strengths and you’re excited about working with a high-performing agent and a growing team, then please send me your résumé and a letter explaining why you’re a great fit for this position.  Email to richking@windermere.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!