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Client Case Study 2

I have known Rich King since I was a teenager as he and my father are long-time friends and previous work colleagues.  Little did I know then that fast forward nearly two decades later and Rich would be helping me and my husband, Mike, buy our first home together.

We first discovered our possible dream home one night while searching online for houses for sale.  We knew we were getting ready to purchase a home, but we were really just getting a feel for the market and were curious about what was out there.  We figured we’d reach out to Rich when we were finally ready to actually start viewing listings.  But after driving by this particular house, we knew we had to see it!  Mike called Rich and we all met for a viewing.  We knew fairly quickly that it was the right house for us, but Rich also made sure that we would have other comparable homes to consider in the area just in case. But we really loved this home and we decided to go forward and make an offer.  In our excitement we somehow fell into a group hug (I mean, who has a group hug with their Realtor?!) and the ball was rolling!

From day one we felt totally confident in Rich and there was such a profound level of comfort and trust with him.  When you’re dealing with something this major in life, knowing you’re in the best hands is an invaluable feeling.  There were some major repairs that needed to happen upon having the inspection completed and we ended up negotiating with the sellers.  Rich really shines in this area with his thought process around making an offer and his counter offer strategy.  We honestly felt that the sellers were going to deny our counteroffer.  But we also felt reassured, because of the extensive comparative analyses and research on Rich’s part, that our offer was solid and fair.  The seller agreed!  And needless to say, we didn’t have to walk away.  Additionally, Rich has a tremendous attention to detail and is incredibly thorough.  He caught typo’s in some of the paperwork during the closing procedures that ultimately saved us from wasting time and from encountering any major headaches.  There was never a time we felt out of touch as Rich made sure to keep us informed promptly of any new developments.  We even had a trip planned that took us out of town the day we were to get the keys after closing and Rich offered to pick them up for us.  Then he drove out of his way to meet us when we got back in town to greet us with the keys to our new home.

We closed on our house after only a month-long process, which I know can be unheard of when buying a house.  I believe so much of the seamlessness was thanks to Rich.  He is not only a true professional, but a genuine, caring person who takes great pride in what he does and makes you feel like solid gold as his client.  He even showed up to help us paint!  We love our new home and are extremely grateful to have had Rich as our Realtor.  We simply cannot sing his praises enough!

Kerry & Mike Darrington
Nine Mile Falls, WA