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Client Case Study 3

Having lost my husband to cancer, I found myself living in a large home with too many memories and too much maintenance to care for by myself. I had just had a serious surgery, with another surgery to face in three months’ time, and you guessed it, after two years on the market my home chose that particular time to sell. So, at one of the lowest points in my life a friend referred me to Rich King. I found Rich to be just the type of realtor I needed to help me during this difficult time. Rich is a kind, compassionate and trustworthy person. He sensed my need for gentle guidance and strong support. I must say, I was not at all certain what I was looking for in a new home. But Rich stuck it out with me as I searched, found, and changed my mind time and time again. He was very patient and understanding and gave me many decision-making tools to help me through the process of narrowing down my choices to something manageable.

After my second surgery and weeks of searching, we found my new home. After closing you might think that this was the end of Rich’s involvement in my life-changing journey. But that was not the case. Sensing my need for an immaculately clean house to move into, Rich recommended a carpet cleaner to me and met him at my new house the night before move-in to make sure the carpets were thoroughly cleaned. While there, Rich noticed that the house needed some deeper cleaning than the sellers had provided and spent several very early hours the next morning before the moving vans arrived dusting cabinets, shelves, ledges and doors—knowing what type of cleaning was needed to make me happy.

This is the kind, caring, considerate and very knowledgeable man you will encounter when you choose Rich King as your realtor. You will find this to be one of the best decisions you will ever make in the pursuit of your new home. Happy house hunting!

Patty Nickle
Liberty Lake, WA