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Client Case Study 1

Above and beyond.  This describes the wonderful service Rich King provided us throughout the sale of our home.

My husband I had a rental home for 5 years in Spokane (we live 2+ hours away). Our local realtor said he had found us “the best” realtor Spokane has to offer and forwarded us Rich King’s information. I can honestly say that “the best realtor in Spokane” is the title Rich should hold. He first met with us virtually and arranged with property management to preview our rental home. He spoke with the tenants and did an inspection of the condition of the property. Upon finding that the tenants had withheld information from us and did not take as good of care of the property as we had thought, he called and talked with us, gave us options of what we could fix or sell as is, and ultimately left the choice up to us. I have never felt pressured to make a decision one way or another by Rich, and we have certainly faced many large decisions with this property.

Rich spent countless hours making multiple market analyses for us. He made an initial analysis, then another a month later once the tenants had moved out, and then once again after we had made improvements and were ready to list our property. Once again, Rich provided us with all the facts, gave us his professional opinion, but never pressured us in making a decision one way or the other with the repairs we chose to make.

Rich was the point of contact for all contractors that worked on the house once it was vacant since my husband I live so far away. Rich went to the carpet store and negotiated a good price for carpet replacement. He even tore out the carpet and pad himself and hauled it away for us on a weekend to help us save with the cost of the project.  Rich opened the house for multiple contractors (mason, electrician, painters, carpet installers, handyman, and more), checked in on the work they were doing each day, and reported back to us. All of this was very unexpected to us from a realtor. But Rich did it all without batting an eye.

Rich took it upon himself to mow and weed-eat the yard every week once the tenants moved out until the sale was complete (about 2 months). He also took a few small projects on himself for us such as replacing a toilet seat, shopping for a new ceiling fan, fixing a broken sprinkler, and cleaning out the gutters on the garage.

Rich held an open house the weekend before the house was listed. He then listed the house in the MLS and on all the websites commonly used when searching for homes. Two days after listing, we received 5 offers! He again gave us excellent guidance and professional advice about the offers received without pressuring us in any way about which offer to accept.

We are beyond pleased with the service that Rich has provided to us. There is no way this sale could have happened as quickly or efficiently without Rich going above and beyond. We truly do believe he is the best Spokane has to offer and highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Chris and Hannah Osborne
Kennewick, WA