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For The Love of Golf

There are few people in the world who love golf as much as I do.  No question about it.  Golf isn’t just a game, it’s simultaneously an art, an exercise of intense concentration, a test of endurance, and a cathartic stroll through God’s most majestic, scenic creations.  Golf is a joy.

After being a once-every-two-years hack that often featured loud screaming antics accompanied by flailing irons, I finally decided to give golf a chance in 2010 when playing hoops anymore was just too painful.  I studied the game.  I took lessons.  I analyzed video of my swing (which often induced a gagging reflex) and made adjustments.  But most importantly, I hit countless buckets of balls on the range and did my best to squeeze in a round of golf almost every Saturday morning during the playing season.  Reps.  I needed reps.  And over time I learned to love the game while learning to play it better.  My 20+ handicap has over the years dropped to 9.6 resulting in an even greater playing experience.  But I continue to grind it out to lower my index.

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Ballybunion Golf Club
Ballybunion, Ireland

My 1,500 square foot, self-built backyard putting green. Real bentgrass. I mow it daily and roll it a couple days a week to keep it rolling fast.