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Real Team


Meet the Rich King Real Team!

As a Buyer or a Seller you want—no, you NEED—professional real estate service providers that are knowledgeable, skilled, energetic, proven high performers, and always on call for you.  That’s the Rich King Real Team.  Meet Kaitlyn Burnworth, Rich King, and Taelor Fayette.

We have…

  • More than 25 years of high-level sales, advertising, and marketing experience;
  • Exceptional real estate knowledge, skill, and practice; and
  • More than 40 real estate transactions already in 2018 worth more than $11 million.

Individually we are successful, self-driven, independent licensed real estate brokers for Windermere Real Estate.  But together we create a synergy that allows us to do two things really well:

  • It propels us to provide the highest level of “always-on” real estate services that exceed our clients’ expectations.  In other words, we’re always here for you whenever you need us.  And,
  • It allows each of us to find one day a week where we can step away from the frantic pace of this industry and enjoy some rest and family time while our other two colleagues cover for the third any time a client, partner, or vendor makes contact.

If you are in the market to buy property, want to sell your home, or if you just want to know the current market value of your property, contact us by clicking on the button below or by clicking on one of our images above.  We’ll reach out to you right away.