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Joe Wittwer, Spokane

"Rich is hard-working, straight-talking, creative, and most important, completely trustworthy. I want to do business with people of integrity, which is why I would do business with Rich any day. You won't be disappointed!"

Dean Rogers, Tokyo, Japan

"Rich King has been instrumental to helping me grow my real estate investment portfolio. Despite the fact that I live and work overseas, Rich always keeps me informed regarding any rental properties hitting the market that fit my very specifically-defined criteria. He is quick in scoping out opportunities, draws up detailed evaluations, and makes accurate and critical recommendations for me. Rich is a great guy to work with and I trust the excellent judgement he has shown in selecting and helping me find high yielding properties that fit my requirements. He's trustworthy and works his butt off for me. His knowledge of the Spokane and surrounding area's real estate market coupled with his dogged determination and attention to detail have been instrumental to my real estate investment success in the Spokane area. I absolutely recommend anyone considering working with Rich."

Jim & Dianna Rowton, Deer Park

"We are happy to share how pleased we have been with Rich King as our realtor. If you have been referred to him or seen his advertisements, be assured that you will be doing the right thing by retaining him. If you are new to the area, seeking your first home, or needing to sell your home to downsize like we were, Rich will do a fantastic job for you. He is thorough, using a formula that brings to the table a fair and realistic price for your home. He is honest and always above board with his dealings, and you have a feeling right from the beginning that you can trust him and his judgement. He is realistic with you and never promises the moon, but you know that he will do his best to find the right fit for you in a home. He bent over backwards for us in every way he could to make the process easy and painless for us. We couldn't be happier with the results. Great job Rich!"

Kent Johnson & Deb Elzinga, Spokane

"We moved to Spokane in August of 2017. Shortly thereafter, we met up with Rich King, of Windemere. We can’t imagine having chosen a better real estate agent. Rich patiently stuck with us through a tough seller’s market, regularly taking us out over the course of seven or eight months, guiding us through the process of finding the kind of home we envisioned, never losing patience. He was always upbeat, kind, professional, and fun to be with. Perhaps most importantly, he seemed, without fail, to sincerely place our interests first, and despite the extensive hours of his time that he gave, over those months, without a “sale.” We never once felt any pressure from him to “make an offer.” There were, indeed, a few homes we might well have purchased, but which we decided to forego, after considering Rich’s honest opinion about the drawbacks of those properties. By the time we found our home (one beyond our initial hopes or expectations) in the Five Mile area, in May of 2018, we had come to consider Rich not just a real estate expert, but also a friend. We enthusiastically recommend Rich King to anyone looking for a home in the wonderful city of Spokane."

Jeff Bresnahan & Lisa Machado, Santa Maria, CA

"Rich King is a great Realtor! I give him the highest rating someone can receive. Rich first introduced himself when we had a garage sale. He gave us a business card and said he would like to be our Realtor. There was sincerity and authenticity in his way without a hard, aggressive sell. Rich was friendly and personable. He took the time to listen and find out what our needs and goals were. He worked with us to produce an asking price based on data from a formula that considered many factors including recent neighborhood sales, square footage, house features and amenities, and sale price relative to tax value. He made himself available during times that I know were inconvenient to he and his family...including multiple phone calls and visits on Memorial Day weekend, dinner time, and Hoopfest. When we received offers he gave us the time we needed to thoroughly review them, answer all questions, and structure successful counter offers. He continued to be there every step of the way--from the agreement of sale, through the signing, and the closing. He was patient, understanding and empathetic to us as we were also in the process of buying a home out of town at the same time we were selling our Spokane home, which was quite stressful. Working with Rich was one of the best decisions we've ever made and one of the best working relationships or experiences we've had. We have the deepest respect for Rich. I highly recommend him to be your Realtor."

Jared & Connie Veselits, Spokane

"We are very thankful that we had Rich to help us sell our home, as well as buy our new home! He always put our needs before anything else and worked very hard to make sure we got the house we wanted. He is quick to reply, patient, honest & very professional!"

Jeff Curtiss, Spanaway, WA

“I feel very fortunate to have been connected to Rich King when I called the Windermere Valley office looking for a real estate agent to help us sell our home so we could move to the Tacoma area. Rich met with us at our home and spent time discussing with my wife and I about our desire to sell our home. We found Rich to be a very good listener and genuinely interested in helping us sell quickly while also netting as much as possible so we can buy our next home. His process for determining the market value of our home was extremely thorough and we felt very good about both the price at which we would list and his prediction of the time it would take to be under contract. And within 3 days we received a full-price offer that closed without incident in 35 days! Rich King made our home-selling experience surprisingly easy and we had full confidence in him handling every aspect of the process. We highly recommend Rich to anyone wanting to successfully sell or buy a home. He’s the best!”

Patty Nickle, Liberty Lake

"I found Rich to be just the type of realtor I needed to help me during a very difficult time. Rich is a kind, compassionate and trustworthy person. He sensed my need for gentle guidance and strong support when I needed them. He is as caring, considerate and knowledgeable a man you will ever encounter when you search for and choose a realtor. Hiring Rich will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in the pursuit of your new home."

Joel & Sue Garrison, Nepal/Spokane

"We were very grateful for the providence of God that connected us to Rich King. He was everything we could have hoped for, and much more, as we searched for a realtor in Spokane. Our situation was a bit unusual as we only had one day to look at housing possibilities and then returned to our work overseas. Rich looked out for our best interests and even found a new, and better condo than the one we initially made an offer on. He didn’t have to do that. Rich is a terrific example of serving people. In fact, I would say that is the real business he is in, not real estate. We really can’t say enough good things about Rich’s personal and professional service. He is the kind of person you hope you get to do business with – personable, timely and helpful communication, willing to go the extra mile, making money is secondary to being helpful to people. I’m sure that is a main reason he is such a successful realtor."

Chris & Hannah Osborne, Richland, WA

“Above and beyond.” This describes the wonderful service Rich King provided us throughout the sale of our home. Rich spent countless hours making multiple market analyses for us. He provided us with all the facts, gave us his professional opinion, but never pressured us in making a decision one way or the other with the repairs we chose to make. We are beyond pleased with the service that Rich has provided to us. There is no way the sale of our home could have happened as quickly or efficiently without Rich going above and beyond. We truly do believe he is the best Spokane has to offer and highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

Mike & Kerry Darrington, Nine Mile Falls

"From day one we felt totally confident working with Rich and there was such a profound level of comfort and trust with him. When you’re dealing with something this major in life, knowing you’re in the best hands is an invaluable feeling. There were some major repairs that needed to happen on the home we made an offer and we ended up negotiating with the sellers. Rich really shines in this area with his thought process around making an offer and his counter offer strategy. He has a tremendous attention to detail and is incredibly thorough. He also caught typo’s in some of the paperwork during the closing procedures that ultimately saved us from wasting time and from encountering any major headaches. We love our new home and are extremely grateful to have had Rich as our Realtor. We simply cannot sing his praises enough!"

JoAnn Gray, Medical Lake

“For 25 years or more my husband, Billy, and I bought rentals and flipped homes without the help of a realtor. After Billy passed away I began selling the properties on my own. My health began to fail and the stress of renting and maintenance on the properties were taking their toll. I called my friend and Realtor, Ken Fry, for help. He suggested I talk to Rich King who was fairly new but was a hard working and honest Realtor. Ken was right. Rich King was amazing! He looked at the house I had for sale and suggested some inexpensive tips to make the house show better and sell faster. Rich had a buyer within 2 weeks and he worked diligently to close. The sale didn't go through but Rich had a couple of backup offers. To make a long story short, Rich had the house sold and closed in a very short time. Rich has a keen sense of property values and solutions for making the property look its best. He was on top of all the paperwork from start to finish and required no more of my time than was necessary. He literally took the stress of the whole transaction away from me and put it on his shoulders. I don’t plan to invest in any real estate at the moment, but if I do, he will be my “go to” Realtor. I will refer anyone I know who is interested in buying or selling to Rich.”

Justin & Danielle Herrmann, Spokane

"Rich was wonderful to work with from start to finish. My husband and I would recommend him to anyone we know who is looking to purchase a house! Rich was quick to respond to my questions, he kept us informed of our progress from our offer on our home, and he even met and sat with us at closing. Rich is kind, friendly and very easy to work with. We cannot express our gratitude for having Rich help us with the purchase of our home."

Steve Hauschild, Spokane

“If you want a real pro to handle your real estate transaction, look no further than Rich King. I assure you that he will handle every aspect of your buying or selling experience with compassion and the utmost professionalism.”

Cindy Strauser, Spokane

"Selecting a Realtor, whether you’re selling your home or searching for your dream home, requires finding someone that you can communicate effectively with and who understands your needs. Rich King is a great listener and he has creative ideas that lead to solutions. It has been my pleasure to know Rich since 1998 and I consider him a trusted advisor. I recommend him highly."

Tom Parrish, Spokane

"One of the significant advantages of hiring Rich King as your listing agent is his ability to leverage the latest, most effective technologies to target market your home to the greatest number of relevant, qualified buyers. His strategies help increase showings, bring offers, and shorten the time your home is on the market."

Barry Ware, Spokane

"I've known Rich King for more than twenty years. Rich has the ability to get things done and with the highest personal integrity. If you are looking for a true professional to help with buying or selling a home, Rich is your guy. He would be an invaluable asset to you regarding any real estate needs.”

Glee Palmer-Davis, Hansville, WA

"Buying and selling your home may be one of the largest and most personal purchases you will ever make. Knowing you are in the hands of a person you can trust to do the best for you can ease the pressure and stress of such an experience. Rich King is a man of integrity and determination. He will be your advocate and partner in getting the best deal for you."

Gene Greeson, Nine Mile Falls

“A home is not just a building – it is a place where life happens. Whether buying or selling, getting the right deal on the right home is one of the most important life decisions a family will ever make. So finding an honest and knowledgeable professional to guide you through that process is the first critical step in making the right choice. I have known Rich King on a personal and professional basis for over seventeen years and I can attest to his professionalism, integrity, and his commitment to being the absolute best advocate he can be for his clients. He is the one person I trust more than any other to advise and guide me through something as profoundly important as buying or selling a home.”